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  1. Tifa1985

    [REQ] God Eater Resurrection

    Can you guys add Abandoned god arcs codes to the God Eater Resurrection Trainer?Seriously,i have been playng this game for 200 hours by now and the abandoned God arcs drops is terrible since they almost always drops at lv 8-9 and almost never to lv 10.Abandoned god arcs are,let's say additional...
  2. Tifa1985

    God Eater Resurrection Trainer update

    I have God Eater Resurrection trainer.The functions are good but it would be nice adding in 2 more cheats functionality like 'Abandoned arcs all lv 10' and 'Abandoned arcs all specials+1'.Abandoned arcs are the ones you get on the reward screen from difficulty 4+ can check the ones...
  3. Tifa1985

    My youtube Channel

    Hello everyone.Im kinda new to the forum.Hope we can get along well.This is my youtube channel i wanted to share I mainly upload gameplay videos of Monster Hunter or God Eater games(Well i started only recently with God Eater...